. Our program is specifically researched to address the cause of your individual rehabilitation. It resolves your deficiencies through Adaptive Response Therapy to return you to full function and reduce your risk of re-injury. It incorporates unique, patented and FDA listed, testing and training devices specifically designed to initiate, sustain and control your body’s ability to adapt through careful doses of load and motion while isolating the target areas of the spine. Our ability to isolate the spine in is so unique it was awarded US and international patents.

. We, believe in the concept of, “No pain, no pain”. Our program is scientifically researched and clinically proven in over 55,000+ patients year after year to help, real spine patients. It is not the typical program designed for healthy spines re-mixed and independently used on high-risk patients. The treatment protocols are scientifically tested, published in medical journals and standardized to work safely in over 100 clinics worldwide.